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That is what has gotten us this far

Franklin's Consultancy International was founded in 2009 by Edward Franklin, a programmer and technology evangelist. He and his team went on to provide Contractual, Long-term IT Consulting to over 50 Businesses in North America, Europe, and even the Gulf Regions.

We recently expanded and rebranded the business to Franklin Technology Solutions when we realized that our clients didn’t just want a bunch of consultants giving them advice and then pointing them to our business partners, which as it turns out is more expensive in the long run, because they are paying two companies just to get the job done, we take client feedback very seriously and they wanted an End-to-End IT Solutions Provider.

People that could not only understand the technologies that will enhance the client’s Business Performance while Lowering their Budget, but also take the requisite actions without involving a 3rd party. There are a lot of times when an emergency situation necessitates immediate attention, even if it’s at 4:00 am. Examples are when an eCommerce site is hacked and defaced by an SQL Injection attack (when a hacker finds a way to maliciously compromise a database), or in more serious cases when an entire server is taken offline causing potentially hundreds of sites to go offline. This is why we have workspaces in three locations and additional staff on hand should we require their services.

With workspaces set up strategically to manage our distributed (redundant) network, we have access to the best talent from varsities and even Silicon Valley Companies across the Globe. They exist for other reasons as well.

Our workspaces in Canada allow us to service our clients across the entire North America Region, the same goes for our UK workspace and Europe. However, our workspace in Pakistan exists for a very different reason, access to Human Resources are a must but there are other reasons, the time-zone difference allows for immediate response to the aforementioned ‘4 am situations’ but also access to the technology hub that exists in not only Pakistan itself but Bangalore, India as well. There is another very important reason: Economical access to certain MENA region Countries where we have clients such as the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. And due to our requirement for a redundant network of servers this way, no websites that we host ever go down, websites are served by the closest server ensuring performance and no deadlines are missed, that's 99.99% uptime! at our three workspaces

Combined with Technologies such as the Fastest Solid State Drives, Content Delivery Networks, Load Balancing Algorithms and Bleeding Edge LiteSpeed Technology our Managed Server Network is UNSTOPPABLE! Whether it's a Memory Hog Application, Website or Resource Intensive Platform being served up!

Our Philosophy is simple, No Geek Speak. We will help you understand the processes involved and explain how we can shoulder the burden of technology for your business. Decreasing your Information Technology Expenditures, boosting performance and giving you the peace of mind to deal with your customers, provide the core services your business offers and increase your profits.

Our Employees are treated as assets and they know that it’s their job to understand client requirements thoroughly and provide the requisite service in the most efficient and friendly manner possible.


Mobile Field Force - Event Coordination and Promotion 2013

"The Franklin Group was a force to be reckoned with when it came to Online Event Promotions. The team went above and beyond when it came to increasing our attendance. Highly Commended!"


Hurley Medical Center - Drupal Based Site Development

"To put it very plainly, the team at Franklin's lost sleep just to get our Drupal site live before we started an online presence campaign"


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With mobile devices accounting for 52.4% of website visits, we ensure that every website designed and developed by us works responsibly across all devices